Welcome to Freshers Week!


Before you start an undergraduate degree at a British University, there’s this thing called Freshers Week - a chance to go exploring, to find out where all the bars and pubs are, to stay up really late playing stupid videogames on the Playstation that someone’s already using to destroy their academic career before it even begins, to try to initiate some kind of romantic adventure you can spend the rest of the year deeply regretting, and to generally let it all hang out.

(In theory it’s also a time to learn how the University works and do some sensible prep work for your course - but hahahaaa, no. Bless.)

This, then, is Freshers Week for my new newsletter, Everything Is Amazing. You can read all about it here - how it works, what it’s for, and so on. (Spoilers: it’s about being nosy. If you’ve always wanted to be nosier, you’ve come to the right place.)

And in the spirit of Freshers Week, this first week is going to be scattershot, with a few updates landing in your Inbox at odd times, and quite possibly arriving too drunk to make much sense. The real fun begins next week, as I kick off Season 1 of this thing. That’s the thing worth looking forward to.

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