I 100% agree with this sentiment: "This reject the world to save yourself thinking is not what I’ve learned from my favourite writers. They’re the ones who lean in when they want the good, hopeful stuff that makes life feel like it’s worth living. They pay more attention, in a careful, selective, questioning-the-questions sort of way. They’re the ones who create hopefulness and joy through curiosity, awe and wonder, in the hope that it’s the fuel others need to go out and fix what’s broken in the world."

We all need to focus as much as possible on "the good, hopeful stuff" and, believe it or not, there are some beautiful movies that allow audiences to feel awe, wonder, joy, and hope, particularly during those times when we need to recharge.

Movies To Help You Love Life: Ten Life-Affirming Films


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Wonderful, Mike!

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Congratulations on a great first year!

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"With the unspoken idea that the news has the monopoly on what’s truly vital comes the emotional cost of following it every day." YES.

Thank you for creating this, and for constantly diving deep, reaching out, and keeping one hand on the whimsical touchstone. I am more than grateful that writing this helped you find your voice again. Turns out many of us were waiting for it 💕

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