What Did You Discover This Year?

In June of this year, I started doing something I’ve never done before because it looked a little too foolish & way too miserable: swimming in the North Atlantic. The sea temperature here in the UK hovers around the 15°C / 59°F point in the height of summer and plunges down into single figures (“effing cold”) in the winter, so - it’s never what anyone would call “warm”. Unless you’re, say, Anna Brones. She goes swimming in comparable (or colder) temperatures in the Pacific Northwest all year round - and somehow makes it look fun. So since I now had someone to blame if it all went wrong (always important!), I thought I’d have a go - and I haven’t stopped since, for all the reasons Anna explains in her wonderful Outside Magazine article that went up a few weeks ago…

Sometimes obsessive curiosity leads to personal discovery. And sometimes, it’s about getting curious about what a friend, work colleague or total stranger is doing, and sticking a toe in that same water, just to see what happens.

What’s something you discovered this year, that you wish more people knew about?