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It's rather frightening that this week alone I have done four out of five...without reading this. WAIT!!! am I becoming a nice person???

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When I was in my 20s, right out of university, I lived in Northern California and was dirt poor. Because, let’s be honest, everyone in California is really dirt poor. But I seriously had no money to speak of. All my salary went to rent, car payment, car insurance. So when it came to buying clothes, which I really love, I had to exercise delayed gratification. So I would go shopping, at lovely department stores, where there was a man who played jazz on the piano. I love the experience of shopping, but I had to be careful what I spent. So my trick was this: try on the clothes I loved and then ask the sales lady to put the ones I wanted on hold. If I really cared about it in 24 hours I would go back and get it. If the excitement had worn off during those 24 hours, I didn’t spend any money on it, and just walked away. To be honest, I only went back to get the item I had put on hold only about 20% of the time.

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