Allowing yourself to be foolish and playful, and allowing others to do the same without judging them negatively and actually enjoying when they are funny, is reaching another level of enlightenment 💡. "Why would you make a total fool of yourself in this manner? Well - aren’t we all fools already? [...] I’m a big fan of this flavour of foolishness, and I think it can make the world better, or at least more bearable."

My advice for how to allow yourself to be foolish and playful is to hone a better sense of humor by exposing yourself to as much comedy as possible, and laugh as much as you can:

Be Relentlessly Happy 🤗: 9 Movies To Start You (Or Keep You) Laughing


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My personal motto/quote for a very long time (and possibly still is) was: "Blessed are those who can laugh at themselves, for they shall never cease to be amused."

Though now I'm wondering ... but what if you CAN just get a suit of armor and a rubber chicken and make something absurd just like that?! (I had a friend once in high school who could do the most amazing things with a rubber chicken and an audience. He passed away a long time ago but his humor and humanity stay with me.)

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Jan 5, 2022Liked by Mike Sowden

Yes, on all counts, especially the walking part! Just came in from a cold, wintry walk. It's always the best part of my day.

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Happy New Year, Mike! Here's to stupidity!

You reminded me that I wrote about the wonders of #3 - what I call 'Minimum Viable Technology' - back in 2015, when 'contactless' payments were all the inexplicable rage.

'The more basic the technology, generally speaking, the greater the skills you must learn and deploy.' https://davidcharles.info/positive-constraints/minimum-viable-technology/

I think there are huge benefits to using the MVT - not least the reminder that the tool is not the task. Out on the North Yorks Moors, you needed a tool that could contact mountain rescue, but you had a tool that could post to Facebook. :D

Stupify and conquer!

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Stupid enthusiasm is the best enthusiasm!

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I've always been a big fan of daydreaming. I'll be glad to put more of it in my day!

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I've been toying with the idea of a stupid phone now for a while, although replacing my 3 year old phone that works perfectly fine also seems stupid. Seems freeing, I wonder if there is a model that doesn't have a stupid camera?

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