Oct 24 • 52M

Unruly Interviews: Mike Sowden

The incredible Ames family, archaeological practices, and what it means to experience the sublime

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Valorie Clark
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Cross-post from Unruly Figures
Hello! This is Mike of Everything Is Amazing... Today, two (!) sequels to the piece I sent to you a few days ago, about the mind-boggling delights of the Ames Room illusion & the man who invented it. When I first ran that story about Adelbert Ames Jr. back in 2022, a reader (thanks, Fiona!) pointed me towards the even more extraordinary accomplishments of his sister - who isn't a household name for all the reasons you'd expect in an era where brilliant women were frequently overlooked. So I was delighted when Valorie Clark, author of the newsletter (& upcoming book!) 'Unruly Figures' took up the other half of this story. Click through to listen to her podcast episode on Blanche Ames Ames - and then listen to the conversation Valorie & I had about her. (SPOILERS: it gets nerdy.) -

Hi y’all!

For this week’s bonus episode, I’m chatting with

, the writer behind , about Blanche Ames Ames and the whole Ames family! We also talk about Mike’s past in archaeology, what happens when we experience the sublime, and how the human brain deals with illusions.

If you haven’t listened to the Blanche Ames Ames episode, there are going to be some spoilers in here. If you don’t want spoilers, you can learn all about her incredible life full of inventions, art, and activism below, then come back here to listen to Mike and I chat about her and her family.

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